Reading 4 – Aristotle Rehtoric

This reading connects with other things I have learned throughout my whole life. While most of the information in this reading was new to me, I was actually familiar with a few of the concepts that were explained. In the reading it talks about ways to make persuasion effective. These ways are to reason logically, understand human character and goodness in different forms, and also to understand the emotions and know their causes. I have learned this idea throughout my whole life and persuasion is not effective unless these points are included. I have learned that in order to persuade someone into doing or believing something it is necessary to be logic and able to understand other points of view and not only your own. In my life I have had to use persuasion in many speeches I was required to do and on my volleyball team as a captain. All these ideas are important in understanding human communication. Persuasion plays a significant part and is the basis of where people create their belifs and stand for what they believe in. Without persuasion the world would be more bland and people would not have new and exciting ideas.

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